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Authentic Feeling and The Healing Process

by Marcus Daniels RPP

The human heart is a feeling body. In my experience the human heart is not only a feeling body, it is the only part of our being that can authentically feel.

  • The human heart can never feel too much.
  • The human heart can never receive too much.
  • The human heart cannot lie.

When one is in their heart overwhelm is not possible. When one takes true refuge in one’s heart, one’s refuge is indestructible and safety is 100%. How does one create this refuge and safety? The answer, simply by choosing one’s authentic heart and giving one’s true word. In this moment I am willing to have both an experience and a relationship with my heart right now.


Speaking this very simple sentence one can experience both truth and illusion.

Let’s talk about feeling. As stated above it is now my experience that the human heart is the only part of being that can authentically feel. I define an authentic feeling as being free from sensation, thought, agenda, control and reaction. There is no separation and no watcher. There is no critic and most of all there are no altered states and no trance.

The heart is chosen first and as it self-arises to feel and receive spontaneously, it becomes a container holding as much of me as I feel safe loving me and being me right now. It’s all about my capacity. Expanding one’s capacity takes practice. I do not have to leave my heart to have any experience. As my heart becomes safer, all phenomena and experiences come to me. I never have to leave my heart. As a result I cannot lie. My heart becomes a living lie detector.

As I feel and receive my love right now, is it authentic love or manipulated love? Authentic love cannot be manipulated. Authentic love expands the capacity of the heart without effort. As trying and control fall to the wayside I receive an extra blessing. My love is coming to love me. A new relationship is forming.

Energetic love, vibrational love, and high frequencies of love can all be manipulated. Manipulated love creates a separation between heart and heart energy. Sensation is the result. Sensation is a quality of love though not true love. Usually in this state, the nervous system will call this sensation a real feeling of love. In reality it is a sensation of a feeling of love. If this occurs illusions can start to form and my heart refuge can lose some of its integrity and a separation can begin.

The intellect is a non-feeling body. It produces no feelings at all. It produces no sensations. As I choose intellect before heart I tell myself I am feeling. Illusion and separation is created. I falsely tell myself I have sensations or true feelings. No Growth is possible, just wonderful information.

The nervous system is a sensation body. It is housing sensations of feelings and love. In energy medicine, nervous system love, not the authentic heart, is usually our monitor to access feeling and love. The nervous system cannot authentically feel, though one can have sensations. Being in the nervous system is still a separation from the moment. Like the heart, the nervous system houses all our experiences and memories. Unlike the heart, which can only tell the truth, the nervous system tells the truth and also fabricates. If the nervous system is our refuge, false experiences can be processed as truth and then growth will not occur. One would have exposed and processed only an illusion of separation. When this occurs a portion of the discharge will re-grow and return a few weeks later. The process is not complete.

My history wants to be loved. To be in my authentic heart I need to be my true biological age. Since I am 58 years old, my 58 years of life is holding my heart in this moment. As long as I stay in my heart, continue to be 58, and continue to feel and receive my love any unresolved history will come to my heart to be loved. In fact, the bigger my capacity of safety the more aspects of my 58 years of historical data will be coming to be loved now. When history comes to my heart and I don’t leave, the history will start to be resolved without trauma. History spontaneously shows up based on my capacity to safely feel and receive it as love. When I’m in my heart, only what I can handle shows up. There is no psychological process or therapy necessary. Transformation is complete, based on my true capacity of safety.

Trance is the future body. It shows one who they are and who they will become in the future. Trance gives one an experience of spirituality, divinity and soul without having to deal with the limits of the human form. To go to trance or an altered state one actually picks spirit before humanness; Spirit before heart. Trance cannot authentically feel. Trance is a separation from the heart and is a sensation body. Though of course the spiritual blessing is real, there is a limit to how much it can be embodied. A few moments in trance can take months to integrate in the human body. By choosing the human heart first, feeling and receiving one’s love, the blessings and experiences of trance and altered states come to live in the heart and body without having to leave. Spirit can now transform into matter without separation. The spirit can integrate immediately into the heart with no lag time. A union is achieved. As this process spontaneously self-arises three wonderful events occur. One, with no effort, can experience the blessing of who they are, the residue they are creating in their life, and the illusion they are living all in complete safety. It is of course ones’ choice how naked one chooses to be living during ones’ normal life, which is really our true ability to heal and transform in the moment. One’s safety is the key to experience fear and anger without agenda or leaving.

No matter which I choose to experience first -heart, nervous system, intellect or trance growth is inevitable. Though all four will give me a completely different experience, only the authentic heart can do it in total honesty and without the reactivation of trauma. As one can experience grief, fear, anger, pain, and joy in all these ways, one can finally have a choice how to experience one’s moment without the agenda of a belief system or cosmology clouding ones choice. One can now make a choice in the moment that no matter what happens it is empowered.

I invite you to explore this process with me.

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Marcus has studied Polarity Therapy since 1981. He is trained in Structural Integration (1980), and Acupuncture (1982). Marcus considers John Pierrakos, founder of Core Energetics, his “feeling mentor”. Since 1983, he has been studying within a Tibetan Buddhist lineage based on spiritual medicine and has been teaching psycho-spiritual workshops for over 25 years. Marcus Daniels’ passion for the last 30 years has been to travel the world photographing sacred landscapes and prehistoric cave paintings. A practitioner in the healing arts since 1980, he finds these two worlds complement each other perfectly. Currently, he is studying QEEG brain mapping for the study of consciousness and healing.

Utterances: The Anatomy of Feeling

by Marcus Daniels

Let’s start with feeling. The human heart can never feel too much. The human heart can never receive too much. When I say it is too painful to feel or these feelings are overwhelming, I am not in my human heart. I am not authentically feeling. I might be in one of my sensation bodies, in separation, in illusion about what I have chosen to experience, or in a false safety which I have created. Or, if I am brutally honest, holding my moment in illumination, I might confess I am manipulating or lying about my authentic moment.

The individual is in charge of what sense body or sense field responds to the feelings at hand. As an example, one can choose from their human heart, energy field, nervous system, trance, higher vibrations, or even their critic first. The intellect has no purpose in this process. It is simply, Am I a victim, or am I making an empowered choice in the moment? Even a habit is still a choice that has not been owned.

A sensation body is an access body. It is based on the past (history), the present, and the future. It is both free and conditioned. Its perceptions of memories and experiences can be in truth or distorted, spontaneously arising or controlled.

Let’s explore for a moment the Polarity principle “Energy follows thought.” What thought: Is it conscious or unconscious? What is leading the movement: A thought based in truth or Love, or perhaps a thought based in fear, or a thought based on suppression? In its movement towards expansion, Heart and Love, is it authentic or manipulated? If the moment is not authentically felt and received, it will become a separation between Heart and Heart energy, with the energy going to other sensation bodies, such as the nervous system and trance states for a lesser integration and a false safety.

This brings us to another choice that has a profound effect on healing. Am I choosing my human heart first or my spiritual heart first? Am I a human allowing my spirit to come to me to have a union in my heart, or am I choosing my spirit first, giving up some of my humanness to create a union in my Light Body? Both paths are valuable and both paths have great merit. It is for the individual to decide, a decision based on their living truth—not their defense structure, belief systems, spiritual or metaphysical cosmologies.

To experiment with some of these ideas, one exercise is the following: My name is ________. In my open human heart, I am choosing Love first and I am feeling my Authentic Love now.

One’s responses will start to give clues as to whether one is heart-centered or spirit-centered, in habit or free of habit. The good news is that you cannot pick wrong. But each choice will dramatically color how one experiences their present moment.

In closing, until one feels authentically, one cannot receive authentically. Receiving (a form of ownership) allows the true blessing to self-arise. Will it be authentic or distorted? Both bliss states will still be pleasurable.